Photos at Disney


Have you ever heard about Disney’s PhotoPass service? Well, it is an amazing service that Disney offers at the theme parks to take the stress and worry of photo taking from you. Going to Disney with a kid is already hard enough, so why not forget about being on the lookout for good photo opportunities?

The PhotoPass service is basically a number of professional photographers stationed at different points throughout the park, who you just have to approach and they will take your pictures for you. After quite some time of experience, they always have great suggestions for pictures and they will definitely have great tricks to get the best picture possible from your children. Another great thing about that is that all of you will be in the picture!

Using the PhotoPass service could not be more simple. You can prepay the plan and get a discount for it while you are making your Disney Vacation package reservation, or you can simply approach a PhotoPass photographer at the park you are visiting and ask to get started. The photographer will give you a card with a series of numbers that you will be able to associate to your account when you get back home to see all your pictures. What a way to make your Disney vacation one to remember!


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