Coming Home from Disney

I think it is safe to say that planning your Disney World vacation is definitely not the simplest thing. It involves letting your kids know about it, preparing them for the rides and meet and greets with characters, choosing and scheduling which rides to visit, booking your hotels, dealing with your meals and a million other little things. By the end of it, you are surely proud of how well it all came out and happy to see your children basking in the joy of having just gone to the best place in the world, right? Well, I discovered that the trip back home is not always all that great.

Every time we visit the Magic Kingdom, my kids are incredibly excited about the trip. They have fun and behave wonderfully during the entire visit, until it is time to go back home. You see, they are having so much fun that they do not know how to take the idea of it being over, so by the last evening they become sad and start acting out one way or another. That is why I had to come up with ways to distract them and keep them happy. Souvenirs are always a good idea, and showing them pictures and videos to remind them of the rides and characters they met makes them really happy, but what really does the trick is having a surprise for the way back home. Be it candy, stickers or a coloring book so they get distracted during the ride back home, that little detail helps a great deal with closing our Disney vacation.


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