Kids Love the “Lame” Rides

When you plan your children’s first Disney World vacation, your main objective is to see them enjoy themselves and have the most fun. In fact, every single trip to Disney World is generally focused on your children’s happiness. Still, that does not mean that you cannot have fun as well at the theme parks! It is all just a matter of good planning.

I already told you about the great advantage that it is for you to go with your babies to the rides you want to go to, but they can’t. The Rider Switch service allows your spouse to stay with the children while you ride and then vice-versa, without having to get in line again. This means that you will not loose great amounts of time if you sneak  some grown up (or really, big kid) rides in your schedule. One thing you really need to take into account, though, is that kids love the “lame” rides. The younger they are, the more excited they will be about the teacups, the carousels and the spinning rides, so you have to be careful when planning. Of course you should take them there, you will be incredibly happy that you did, but you should try to leave those rides for later. Also try to leave time for them to repeat these rides as many times as they want. You could also use them as a way to take a break or kill time while waiting to use your FastPasses.


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