Too Old but Too Short

After quite a few trips to Disney World and endless rides on the children rides, my baby girl wants to go on the “big kid rides”. Whenever she sees her cousins getting in line for a roller coaster, she gets really upset because we do not let her go with them. But, of course, since her cousins are 8 and 10 years old and she is only 4, they can get in without any trouble while she cannot.

There is one good thing about trying to get into a ride while being too short, though. The Disney cast members stationed at the ride can give you a “rider certificate” that will allow you to skip the line when you come back tall enough for the roller coaster in question. This calmed my girl at first, but soon enough she realized that having that piece of paper did not mean she could ride whenever she wanted to. If you have gone through all of this with your kid, I am here to tell you it is not a hopeless problem.

We did have to sacrifice doing every single part of the trip together when planning a Disney vacation with our extended family, but managed to find a solution. What we do is that we do a schedule for the big kids and another one for the smaller ones, so they will be busy in nearby rides and distracted having fun. Although planning has gotten a bit more complicated, it is completely worth not seeing my girl get upset because she is still too small for the “big kid rides”.


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