Fighting the Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, Florida’s sunny, tropical weather has settled. This, of course, means it is HOT HOT HOT at Disney World, but it does not mean that you have to eliminate the parks as an option for your summer vacations. In fact, a Disney trip during the summer is a great idea because there are always tons of additional events and activities planned for the season. That is why these tips for fighting the summer heat can come very much in handy.

  • Dress up your children in little clothes with light fabrics to keep the heat from getting to them.
  • Pack a cooling cloth in your bag.
  • Bring swimsuits for you and your children. There are some water rides and splash areas ideal for when the heat hits.
  • A portable fan is a great accessory for your children’s strollers.
  • Freeze a few bottles of water or juice to have something fresh to drink throughout the day.
  • Take breaks in the shade whenever you feel the need.

Remember that you can also take advantage of the Baby Care Centers whenever you need to. They have comfortable resting areas and great air conditioning, so they are ideal for a cool down break.


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