Preparing your Kids for a Meet and Greet

Character Encounters

I recently wrote about how much of a scaredy cat my little girl was, at first, when the time came to meet Disney characters. At the time, of course, I found a way to ease her into it, but it was all improvised and depended on what our situation was. When a friend of mine read the post, she emailed me immediately, because it turns out that all the kids in her family are so easily scared that they already developed a whole method to help children meet characters more comfortably during any Disney World vacation.

My friend says the first thing you need to do is show your child videos of the characters in action before even going to your trip. That way, they will be a little more familiar with what they will encounter at Disney World. Once you are already at Disney, she suggests that you let your kid take in the whole environment and the rides before going to meet a character to avoid overwhelming him or her. This, of course, is not necessary if your child shows interest in a character from the beginning. When the time comes to meet a character, it is better to introduce your toddler to a face character first, instead of one with a mask, so it will be less of a shock to them. As I advised, hold your child with you and let him warm up to the character before a picture, that way everyone will be more comfortable. Finally, she suggests that you schedule any character dinners you may have planned towards the end of the vacation to give time to your child to get used to meeting Disney characters all around.

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Thanks, Valerie for these awesome tips!


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