Road Trips With Toddlers Made Easy

Many people choose to come all the way down to Orlando by car instead of flying over. Although I live here, and I have never had to take a road trip to Disney World, I have taken many road trips to go to different vacation spots with my kids. I do believe it is a very fun and entertaining way to travel, and I do prefer it to flying. In spite of it taking much more time than a plane, there are always fun places to stop and check out on the way and it gives you time to bond with your partner and kids while traveling. Taking a road trip with kids, though, does require you to take some special measures. Here are some tips to make your travelling time easier:

  • The younger your kids are, the better, because it is more likely that they will sleep most of the travel time.
  • If they are no longer in that phase in which they sleep almost all the time, you should schedule more bathroom breaks and stops to stretch your legs than you would have scheduled travelling on your own. You definitely want to avoid your kid getting cranky and throwing a tantrum in the car.
  • An alternative is to drive at night, so that they will be so tired that they sleep until morning. This might be rough for the drivers, though.
  • Be flexible with your planning. Booking ahead can save you the headache of finding a hotel at night, but you might not be able to get there if your baby cannot handle the length of the trip.
  • Schedule a break during feeding times. You should never breastfeed while on the road or play to much with your kid’s eating times.

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