Stroller Tips

A stroller is an extremely necessary element for your Disney vacation with your kids. If you love the one you have at home and it is not too much trouble to bring it with you, go right ahead. If not, it is incredibly convenient that Disney offers strollers for rent at the parks. They might be a little expensive, but it is still more comfortable to pick them up at the entrance and drop them off before leaving than the trouble of traveling with yours from home. The Disney strollers are also very convenient because they have quite some storage space on them, so you do not have to carry your diaper bags and all your kid’s things on you.

There are two things I have learned from using the Disney strollers when I go visit the Magic Kingdom with my kids. One is that it is always better to rent out two individual strollers than a double one. Not only is it easier to maneuver with them through the crowd, but it allows some group separation. When my oldest wants to check out a ride that might not be suitable for my baby, I let my husband go with her and I stay with the baby. This also applies when one of them wants to take a nap. The other important stroller tip I have might sound a little obvious, but many people tend to forget it. You should always bring something to mark your stroller so that it is easily recognizable in a stroller parking spot. Most people choose to rent, so it gets easy to confuse strollers and wind up with somebody else’s. Something as simple as a scarf or ribbon can do the trick!


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