Inside the Baby Care Centers

I know I have talked about the Baby Care Centers a few times already. They are, of course, incredibly convenient for parents going to Disney World. The one thing I noticed, is that I had never gone into detail about them, so here is a look inside the Baby Care Centers!

One thing I love about them is that they have private nursing homes, so you can feed your child at peace without people around you. They also have a small shop inside that offers everything you might need, from diapers or creams to baby formula.

They have a common area with sofas and a TV where your other kids can wait and rest for a little while, which is always convenient. It has air conditioning, so it can also be a good escape from the heat during summer months. There is a kitchen with microwaves and tall feeding chairs as well, in case your toddlers are a bit older. The changing rooms are also great, with tall, spacious changing tables that can fit your diaper bag and your kid, even if he or she is a little older.


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