How to Discipline

There is never anything more uncomfortable than when your kids act out in public. For me, this is especially true in Disney World, because the point of the whole trip is to spoil my kids, so I feel at odds during those awkward moments. I have, though, come up with a few tips on how to discipline them for a trip.

  • Prevent, prevent, prevent
    This can be applied in two different phases: first, help your kids understand what the trip will be about. I am not talking just about the rides and the fun, but the walking and waiting in line. If they are already prepared for it beforehand, they will take a rough day at Disney World more lightly. While at the park, prevention is also key. Make sure they rest as much as they need to, that they eat well and drink lots of water and bring sunscreen to avoid nasty sunburns.
  • If you must, leave
    Leaving the location is something that always helps my kids calm down. Of course, leaving Disney World is rather drastic, but you can still apply it in a smaller scale if the tantrum your kids are throwing is not that bad. Leave the store, restaurant or ride line and see how your child reacts.
  • Use positive reinforcement
    Snacks or a souvenir in exchange for good behavior always works wonders at a theme park.

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