Kids and Fear

I don’t know about your kids, but I know my little girl used to be very easily scared when she was younger, and up to a certain extent, she still is! From the first time we went to the Magic Kingdom, where she started crying helplessly when we met Mickey Mouse, this has been a very important factor in my trip planning. At first, I realized that it was easier and less stressful for her to see all her favorite characters from afar in the parades. She would wave at them and feel really happy about the encounter. As we returned to the different Disney World theme parks, I have eased her little by little into the whole meet and greet deal. First, we would see and wave at her favorite Disney princesses from afar, then we would approach them, but she would stay in my arms still. Eventually, she was finally brave enough to go with them for a picture.

If your kids also get scared easily, you must take into account that going through this process is necessary. You should also watch out for rides with loud noises or for the firework show. Letting them know beforehand what they will encounter is also a great way of helping them out.


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