Five Ways To Prepare Your Child For His First Plane Flight

Many kids travel by plane for the first time for their first Disney vacation, and I know that first plane ride can be very stressful for both parents and children. I remember when my little girl first got on a plane; she could not stop crying at first. After a while, I learned some things can keep kids distracted and have them take the whole plane ride better. Here are a few ways to prepare your children for their first plane flight:

  • Give them toys
    Kids love having toys to play all the time. If you give them a toy plane, for example, they can become familiarized with the notion of flying and not feel too bad about it when it is their turn.
  • Give them luggage
    Buy your kids a small carry-on bag and have them fill it with whatever they want. If you do it with some anticipation, you can have them practice rolling it around and they will love it!
  • Read books about planes with them
    There are several children’s books about plane flights that are fun to read and explain a lot about the whole process.
  • Buy snacks
    Let your kids choose their favorite snacks for the trip to make them more excited about the experience.
  • Show them videos
    Look up some flying videos on Youtube with your kids, once again, to familiarize them more with the idea. That way, they will feel more comfortable about it.


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