How To Prepare Your Kids For A Trip To Disney World

While surprising your children last minute with a trip to Disney World can be super exciting for them, I find that having them be involved in the vacation planning process, in their own way, of course, is generally more rewarding. I always give my kids the news ahead of time, so they can prepare themselves and enjoy the anticipation. Here are some things I do with my kids to prepare them for our trips to Disney World:

  • Start a countdown a few weeks before the trip, so they can be reminded daily of it in a simple, fun way.
  • Watch Youtube videos of rides they like or may want to try, with them.
  • Plan an itinerary with them and make an illustrated version so they know how each day will develop.
  • Watch ride-related movies with them so they remember the plots and feel more compelled to go on the rides.

Building up the trip with these little tips has proven to be a way for my children to enjoy our Disney vacations even more. Have you tried any of these things?


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