Some of the Basics

When taking your kids to Disney World, it is always important to remember some of the basics:

  • If you have children under 3 years old, they get free entry into Disney theme parks and water parks.
  • If your kid is too young for a ride and you are visiting with your spouse, you can use the “Rider Switch” option, where one of you can wait with the child while the other rides and then the other one can ride without having to go through the line twice.
  • You can always get a fastpass to skip the line in many toddler attractions.
  • You can rent a stroller at the entrance of all the Disney theme parks.
  • You can find Baby Care Centers at different points in any theme park, where you can feed and change your child comfortably.
  • Lost children are normally taken to the different Baby Care Centers at any theme park. Still, you should make a plan with your kids in case they do get separated from you.

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