Good Disney Resorts for Toddlers

I have tried many resorts with my kids, and have had many different experiences with each. Always depending on their interests, of course, these are a few good Disney resorts to visit if you are traveling with a toddler:

    • Animal Kingdom Lodge
      You and your kids can see up-close many of the animals in the theme park, so it is a great alternative if your kids love wildlife. There are storytelling events every evening, educational activities throughout the days, several park areas and pool areas fit for smaller children, too!
    • Port Orleans Riverside
      A great pool area, with many fun slides and games, is extremely appealing to toddlers. The best thing is that it is a great place to stay for affordable prices!
    • All-Star Movies Resort
      Each building of this hotel is decorated by a giant Disney movie character, and they are all a big hit among toddlers! The hotel also has two wonderful pools and great transportation options to go to the theme parks.

If you prefer not staying at Disney for budget reasons, the people at 5 Star Orlando Vacations can help you get great hotel deals.


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