Surviving Long Lines with Your Little Ones

The one awful thing about all Disney vacations is the endless waiting lines for most attractions. Especially with kids, who are not used to waiting in line and get bored easily, it becomes necessary to find a way to make the wait more bearable. Here are a few tips to survive long lines with your little ones:

  1. Choose the right ride at the right time
    It is always better to choose the more popular rides earlier in the morning to find a shorter waiting time. The same goes with rides for smaller kids, where fast passes might be very helpful. Watching out for lunchtime is also important: you do not want a cranky, hungry kid waiting in line for an hour, or neither of you will really enjoy the ride after.
  2. Have a snack handy
    Choose something practical to carry and that does not leave a mess. It also helps distract your toddler from the wait.
  3. Play a game
    I am sure your kid has his or her favorite car game. Well, you can play it with them while you wait!
  4. Tell a story
    You can take advantage of the decoration throughout the line to help distract your kid. Also, if you recount the story of the characters involved in that ride, your kid will have a better idea of what it will be about.
  5. Alternate long waits with short ones
    That way, your kid will not easily tire from waiting.

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