Blizzard Beach


Summer heat is setting in, so I bet you are thinking about water parks! A great thing about Blizzard Beach is that it has many shallow water areas where you can play with your kid without worrying about anything happening to him or her. Of course, you should always remember their floaters and you should still stay with them at all times.

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Make It a Surprise!

The joy and excitement of going on a Disney vacation with a toddler starts long before you all get to the theme parks. The first moment they find out that they are going to visit Disney World for the first time is just magical. You have the chance to see their faces light up, their eyes sparkle and a huge smile take over their faces. Some kids scream, jump, laugh; others cry and hug you, I even remember the daughter of a friend, who was incredibly skeptical about the news and assumed that her parents were pulling a prank on her until they finally convinced her that it was true and she got incredibly excited.

A great way to tell your children that you are going to Disney, then, is to make it a surprise. Personally, I have always kept it simple: a riddle or a rhyme to let the oldest one know has been the most I have gone to, but I have heard some great ways of giving the news. My sister once made a scavenger hunt with Disney themed clues all around the house. By the end of it, there was a box with what would be their Disney uniforms and some trinkets, and her kid loved it! I have also heard of people who hire a voice actor to call them and invite the kids to Disney World pretending to be a Disney character, which is really fun.


Photos at Disney


Have you ever heard about Disney’s PhotoPass service? Well, it is an amazing service that Disney offers at the theme parks to take the stress and worry of photo taking from you. Going to Disney with a kid is already hard enough, so why not forget about being on the lookout for good photo opportunities?

The PhotoPass service is basically a number of professional photographers stationed at different points throughout the park, who you just have to approach and they will take your pictures for you. After quite some time of experience, they always have great suggestions for pictures and they will definitely have great tricks to get the best picture possible from your children. Another great thing about that is that all of you will be in the picture!

Using the PhotoPass service could not be more simple. You can prepay the plan and get a discount for it while you are making your Disney Vacation package reservation, or you can simply approach a PhotoPass photographer at the park you are visiting and ask to get started. The photographer will give you a card with a series of numbers that you will be able to associate to your account when you get back home to see all your pictures. What a way to make your Disney vacation one to remember!


Be it simple or elaborate, generic or very character specific, coming up with a costume for your child is always a great idea. It helps them get mentally prepared and excited for their visit, and it makes for awesome photo opportunities!

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Coming Home from Disney

I think it is safe to say that planning your Disney World vacation is definitely not the simplest thing. It involves letting your kids know about it, preparing them for the rides and meet and greets with characters, choosing and scheduling which rides to visit, booking your hotels, dealing with your meals and a million other little things. By the end of it, you are surely proud of how well it all came out and happy to see your children basking in the joy of having just gone to the best place in the world, right? Well, I discovered that the trip back home is not always all that great.

Every time we visit the Magic Kingdom, my kids are incredibly excited about the trip. They have fun and behave wonderfully during the entire visit, until it is time to go back home. You see, they are having so much fun that they do not know how to take the idea of it being over, so by the last evening they become sad and start acting out one way or another. That is why I had to come up with ways to distract them and keep them happy. Souvenirs are always a good idea, and showing them pictures and videos to remind them of the rides and characters they met makes them really happy, but what really does the trick is having a surprise for the way back home. Be it candy, stickers or a coloring book so they get distracted during the ride back home, that little detail helps a great deal with closing our Disney vacation.

Sunscreen Lotion is Key


Sunburns can be annoying, yes, but they can also severely dehydrate you and mess with your head. You do not want to end up with a weird tan, or even worse, have your feeds feeling bad once you go back home, or even worse, in the middle of the trip. Remember that there is no such thing as too much when it comes to packing or regularly applying sunscreen lotion.

Kids Love the “Lame” Rides

When you plan your children’s first Disney World vacation, your main objective is to see them enjoy themselves and have the most fun. In fact, every single trip to Disney World is generally focused on your children’s happiness. Still, that does not mean that you cannot have fun as well at the theme parks! It is all just a matter of good planning.

I already told you about the great advantage that it is for you to go with your babies to the rides you want to go to, but they can’t. The Rider Switch service allows your spouse to stay with the children while you ride and then vice-versa, without having to get in line again. This means that you will not loose great amounts of time if you sneak  some grown up (or really, big kid) rides in your schedule. One thing you really need to take into account, though, is that kids love the “lame” rides. The younger they are, the more excited they will be about the teacups, the carousels and the spinning rides, so you have to be careful when planning. Of course you should take them there, you will be incredibly happy that you did, but you should try to leave those rides for later. Also try to leave time for them to repeat these rides as many times as they want. You could also use them as a way to take a break or kill time while waiting to use your FastPasses.

Happy Mother’s Day!

If you have been following my blog to help you plan a vacation with your kids, then these are just for you! Whether you are a recurring mommy, a recent mommy or a mommy-to-be, today is your special day. Here are some beautiful Disney cards in your honor.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mothers-Day-Cards_Oh-My-Disney_Hercules Oh-My-Disney_Mothers-Day_Aristocats

Oh-My-Disney_Mothers-Day_Dumbo Oh-My-Disney_Mothers-Day_The-Incredibles

Too Old but Too Short

After quite a few trips to Disney World and endless rides on the children rides, my baby girl wants to go on the “big kid rides”. Whenever she sees her cousins getting in line for a roller coaster, she gets really upset because we do not let her go with them. But, of course, since her cousins are 8 and 10 years old and she is only 4, they can get in without any trouble while she cannot.

There is one good thing about trying to get into a ride while being too short, though. The Disney cast members stationed at the ride can give you a “rider certificate” that will allow you to skip the line when you come back tall enough for the roller coaster in question. This calmed my girl at first, but soon enough she realized that having that piece of paper did not mean she could ride whenever she wanted to. If you have gone through all of this with your kid, I am here to tell you it is not a hopeless problem.

We did have to sacrifice doing every single part of the trip together when planning a Disney vacation with our extended family, but managed to find a solution. What we do is that we do a schedule for the big kids and another one for the smaller ones, so they will be busy in nearby rides and distracted having fun. Although planning has gotten a bit more complicated, it is completely worth not seeing my girl get upset because she is still too small for the “big kid rides”.

Fighting the Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, Florida’s sunny, tropical weather has settled. This, of course, means it is HOT HOT HOT at Disney World, but it does not mean that you have to eliminate the parks as an option for your summer vacations. In fact, a Disney trip during the summer is a great idea because there are always tons of additional events and activities planned for the season. That is why these tips for fighting the summer heat can come very much in handy.

  • Dress up your children in little clothes with light fabrics to keep the heat from getting to them.
  • Pack a cooling cloth in your bag.
  • Bring swimsuits for you and your children. There are some water rides and splash areas ideal for when the heat hits.
  • A portable fan is a great accessory for your children’s strollers.
  • Freeze a few bottles of water or juice to have something fresh to drink throughout the day.
  • Take breaks in the shade whenever you feel the need.

Remember that you can also take advantage of the Baby Care Centers whenever you need to. They have comfortable resting areas and great air conditioning, so they are ideal for a cool down break.